Our Services

Interim Management / Fractional Management

Within Church Wood Solutions Ltd, and via a network of associated consultants, we have the senior leadership capabilities and experience to provide interim or fractional cover for your IT Management Team.

Interim and fractional management are often confused, the following clarifies our service offering in this space. 

An Interim manager will provide you with the support required for a specific piece of work over a given timeframe. This will typically be activities such as managing a programme or project, providing long term absence cover, undertaking a review or implementing a change. The timescales for engagement will typically be a full time resource for a period of 3 to 12 months.


A fractional IT leader will become a part-time addition to the CIO and his / her executive leadership team. Fractional Leaders are most often the best fit for mid-sized organisations that don't need or can't afford a permanent, full-time position but would benefit from the knowledge and strategic leadership that a short-term, experienced, and accomplished leader can bring to the company. Beyond serving as a part-time addition to the leadership team, fractional leaders offer other services to their clients, such as functioning as a full-time interim executive during the search for a permanent member of staff, advising on IT related issues and opportunities, managing strategic initiatives, conducting strategy workshops and coaching/mentoring lower-level managers. Also, hiring a fractional IT leader gives the CIO the ability to "rent instead of hire" with no long-term commitment, saves recruiting costs, shortens delays, eliminates interviews and relocations, etc. Due to the differing nature of fractional management the timescales are completely flexible.

Within Church Wood Solutions we have an interest in leveraging our significant experience to help a start-up or mid-market organization who need a little help but don’t want someone to work full-time for the company.

Strategy Reviews

With IT careers spanning many years in diverse geographical locations we have the experience to help shape your future IT strategy. Whether that is a full review or addressing specific areas of concern we can assist.  We are able to engage and motivate geographically diverse teams by demonstrating a keen understanding of local cultures and business practices 

Streamlining Your IT Organisation

It is the aim of every IT organisation to deliver the highest level of service for the lowest possible cost. We can demonstrate significant experience in removing costs from the IT infrastructure, negotiating better contracts with suppliers, outsourcing, introducing process improvements and raising service quality. 

Programme Management

We are very experienced in managing large programmes of work. We can manage the programme in its entirety from inception to delivery. We can help write business cases and receive executive management sponsorship. We can provide the correct levels of risk management and governance processes to ensure the programme is   

successful. We will be meticulous in the planning and control processes, ensure adequate testing and provide industry strength implementation plans.  

Cost Management

Taking responsibility for multi-million pound budgets goes with the territory when managing large IT organisations. The recovery of those costs in a way in which the business understands what they are paying for is vital. We have significant experience in setting up a shared service approach, developing the methodologies to calculate unit costs and recover them on a consumption based model. This helps bring together IT and the business in understanding the IT recharges and influence behaviour to reduce costs.